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"Every year I come to Tamchem, Private Haciendas, here, I relax, I sleep. I find Peace and calm, I feel renewed".

-René Redzepi, Danish Chef

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As inhabitants of a rapidly changing and disruptive world, the seek for calm, silence, tranquility, spaciousness, beauty, nature and tenderness is one of the greatest values and qualities that we cultivate and offer to our travelers. Caring for people, culture and Nature.

Our curated properties hold a historical and architectural relevance, immersed in extraordinary gardens and delightful settings. Located throughout the Yucatán Península, they bring you close to the finest natural and cultural experiences of the land of the Mayan civilization. We provide the care of personalized service, joy, restfulness, and culinary delights.

Settings with the perfect context for retreats, family gatherings and any special occasion for couples, small or large groups. We complement your dwelling experience with activities, expeditions, and adventures around the peninsula. Discover the archaeology, art and nature of the Maya Land while enjoying gastronomic and spiritual experiences.

Private Haciendas invite you to experience unique adventures and explore the richness of the Mayan world, inside and outside the Haciendas.

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An authentic Mexican town, with its history, traditions, fascinating markets, superb regional cuisine and fine artisans. A favorite hideaway for the world´s most sophisticated travelers. This magic yellow town welcomes you to live the past fused in the present, with Mayan Pyramids in the back yard combined with colonial wonders and lively traditional crafts around the town.

There are pyramids no matter which way you look.The magnificent Franciscan convent of San Antonio de Padua is one of the wonders of Izamal.

Stay at one of our specially selected villas and discover the wonders of Izamal. Its enchantment will lure you away for a weekend, a month, or even a lifetime...


A stimulating contrast of old and new, nature and civilization, excitement and pure relaxation.

Each Hacienda embodies a distinct individual character, with ancient pyramids and private cenotes in our gardens, lush jungle surroundings, and outstanding contemporary pools complementing the modern comforts of each property. Wake up each morning to the chattering of birds and enjoy breakfast in one of our many secret nooks and corners.

Each home has been meticulously restored, preserving its original charm while incorporating modern comforts and exquisite atmospheres. From historic haciendas, nestled in the jungle, and colonial villas in the stunning town of Izamal to secluded beach paradises.

Immersing in our previously restored Haciendas and gardens, enjoying the deliciousness of our traditional food, grown in our own orchards, and most of all, pampered by the Private Haciendas, family, from the host and the cooks, to the gardeners, is an offering of restorative and transforming

El Cuyo

Miles of virgin beaches, perfect for a very quiet getaway on a natural reserve.

Stretches of dazzling white sand welcome you to this paradise that the modern world has overlooked. Located between the Río Lagartos and Holbox natural reserves, El Cuyo offers miles of virgin beaches and an up-and-coming kite-surfing scene. Watch the sky turn pink as you cycle through flocks of pink flamingoes or plunge into the surrounding marshlands on horseback. Leave your mobile phone behind―there is no signal anyway! Sit back and enjoy the local fresh seafood or go out in a panga to battle the dolphins for your day’s meal. Spend some time at our impeccably restored colonial house in order to recharge for the real world. You will fall in love with the unfettered life in this land that time forgot.

Private Haciendas

About US


Located throughout Yucatán State, and offering unique accommodations in extraordinary private settings, options range from villas in colonial Izamal, the famous Yellow City, renowned for its unique mix of pre-Columbian, colonial, and modern buildings, to private haciendas deep in the Yucatecan countryside. Each historical property has been carefully restored, preserving centuries-old charm while incorporating modern comforts.

Private Haciendas is an exclusive collection of Catherwood Travels, designer of the most singular travel experience in Yucatán.

The Vision

Yucatán Peninsula is world-renowned as one of the greatest sanctuaries of Culture and Nature, the land of the Mayan Civilization. The Mayan Jungle is the secong largest Jungle in America after the Amazon in Brazil.

Today, as home of the Mayan people, and beyond the extraordinary Archaeological wonders, Yucatán holds an unique wealth of Architectural, Art and Natural jewels, hidden and preserved in the Mayan Jungle. The mission of Private Haciendas is to contribute to conserve, care and re-energize the wonders of these lands, giving birth to Catherwood Travels and Private Haciendas.


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