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Enjoy the privacy, freedom and comfort of your own Private Hacienda

A paradise with gardens and Maya ruins

Itzincab de Camara

Itzincab is a hidden gem, as you arrive, you’re transported to a state of peacefulness and joy that embraces you fully to the present moment.



This private hacienda evokes unbound bliss, be it profound relaxation found in one of its strewn hammocks or a deep-rooted sense of calm felt while gazing at the grandeur of its central lily pond.

Nature and Fascination


This expansive estate offers myriad indoor-outdoor spaces that entangle you in the environment, from hammocks strung throughout the hacienda's historic arches, to a stargazing platform to contemplate the cosmology of the Maya.

A Floating Heritage


Contemporary sophistication and ancient splendor merge at this historic hacienda, an ethereal estate host to its own natural cenote pool and an ancient Mayan pyramid.

majesty through time

Tekik de Regil

Where timeless love stories begin... Discover the ideal location for thoughtful proposals, stunning weddings, and thrilling honeymoons.

Your home in Merida

Casa Inspiracion

Located in Downtown Merida, this beautiful house adequate to the needs of the modern travelers. The perfect place for a stay with family or friends.

The Maya way

Chichi de los Lagos

An enchanting sanctuary immersed in the middle of the jungle, ideal for wellness, relaxation, and spiritual practices.

The perfect scape


Modern sophistication and historic splendor merge at this private hacienda, where clean lines and charming ornamentation like antique hand-painted stencils abound.

The house of your dreams

Casa de los Artistas

Contemporary sophistication meets cultural history in this six-bedroom colonial townhouse, featuring an expansive rooftop terrace equipped with a lounge and stargazing platform perfect for pondering the cosmology of the Mayas.

A view into the Maya past

Casa de Madera

The name suggests “house of wood” in Spanish, and with its intricately designed and restored wood panels, this home's interiors deliver plenty of space, privacy and breathtaking views of the central courtyard's outdoor pool and lily pond.

A romantic Getaway

Casa Azul

Contemporary sophistication meets cultural history in this one-bedroom colonial townhouse, featuring lush indoor-outdoor gardens pouring into a backyard plunge pool set at the base of an ancient Maya pyramid.

A charming energy

Casa El Cuyo

Barefoot luxury meets seaside chic at this three-bedroom villa near Parque Natural Río Lagartos, a majestic natural landscape rife with flamingos and hidden cenotes.

Exquisiteness and Sophistication

Casa Palomeque

In the heart of Merida's Downtown you can find this beautiful antique house full of great stories to tell. Ideal for a great celebration worthy of style and elegance.

A mystical and special place

San Pedro Ochil

From the underworld of a cenote to the rustic Moorish archs, follow the henequen route to discover this magical place for an unbelievable celebration with your loved ones.

A historical treasure

Hacienda Xocnaceh

Delight yourself discovering an antique pyramid inside the Hacienda, climb it up and recharge with positive energies. After, have a lovely traditional dinner, the gastronomy of Yucatan is known for its international awards.

The Sacred Waters of Xibalba

Cenote Xocempich

Live an introspective experience by immersing in the sacred waters of Xocempich and dive into the magic of the underworld. An experience far from the every day life

An Underground Fantasy

Cenote Xchen

A place of unparalleled nature and beauty. Here the sunlight shows you a unique color pallet of the crystal clear waters: from an emerald to a deep blue. Anyone who dares to explore it will leave breathless.