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"When you arrive at Tekik de Regil for the first time, it causes amazement at the monumental splendor of his main house.”
-Yucatán’s Government

A monumental hacienda of Yucatán’s belle époque, the magical place of Tekik de Regil is ideal for epic celebrations. In addition, it is one of the few buildings that takes us back to the colonial era in Yucatán, and one of the of the oldest haciendas, located in the surroundings of Mérida, created by the Spanish conquerors at the end of the 16th century.

In 1908, Don Pedro de Regil Casares, nephew of Don José Rafael, requested to renovate the hacienda with the team of the Italian architect who built the beautiful theater «José Peón Contreras», in Mérida. In its current restoration, the artist Calocho Millet painted a mural with the Yucatecan flora and fauna in the Main House. A framework of celebrations, welcome meals, gastronomy. The property owns a kitchen that is specially equipped for culinary workshops and retreats.

Private Haciendas

Hacienda Tekik De Regil

Two fully staffed suites in the main house.
Well equipped kitchen.
An engine house that maintains the vestiges of the past.
A charming chapel.
2 gardens: one at the entrance from where you can view all the majestic property, and the other at the back yard, a gorgeous location.
Two pools with water that shimmers turquoise.
Mesmerizing hand painted murals.

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Calle 64 no. 489 por 57 y 59
Colonia Centro, 97000
Mérida, Yucatán, México.


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